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Synopsis: A look at a small, Los Angeles church with a choir that’s filled with talented singers. It’s also a choir filled with interesting personalities and relationships.  A single mom, a “new” Christian, an attention seeker, a prayer warrior, the non-singer, and of course the director!

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“I’m Only Human”

Synopsis: Could a poker game bet that forces two heathens to attend a hip, bible teaching church be considered a divine act of God?

captured by the game

“Captured by the Game”

Synopsis: The rules of the dating game can get a little mixed up when matters of the heart comes into play.
Starring: Jesse Campbell and Claudette Ortiz


“Who’s Playin’ Who?”

Synopsis: A story about a hustler who gets played, trying to get over on a church girl.
Starring: Shanice Wilson(“Flex and Shanice”) and Kente Scott (Kentegious)


“Cool is U!”

Synopsis: A youth-focused story about young life, young love, and the social challenges that come with peer pressure.
Starring: Jackie Long (ATL), Justin Walker (The Hills),
and Destiny Lightsy (Interscope recording artist, iSquare)


“Soul’d Out!”

Synopsis: A story about three church choir girls who want the fame, fortune, and success so much that they compromise their commitment to God.
Starring: Dannon Green (BET ComicView), and
Sonya Shepherd (LionKing, Broadway Cast)


“I’m Only Human!”

Synopsis: A humorous observation of church folks…Some struggling to live right, while others not trying to do right at all, but who’s excuse for living in continuous sin is, “I’m only human!”
Starring: Jesse Campbell (The Voice), and Stacy Francis (X Factor)


“God…I thought you knew me!”

Synopsis: A comedic look at a variety of lifestyles, all thinking they’re on their way to heaven.
Starring: Carl Gilliard (Inception), and Thomas Lazare (The Promise)