Who is Jack Lightsy


Jack Lightsy was raised in the arts, with a family of professional singers. At age 15, he joined the Ebony Showcase Theatre Performing Arts Repertory headed by Nick and Edna Stewart.

His writing started with church skits to support bible lessons, dramatic messages to support sermons, and Sunday School lessons.

He later partnered with Prison Fellowship Ministries with maximum, security prison clearance, to present his life-changing, soul-saving stageplay, “The Heavenly Courthouse.”

For the last 20 years, he has been the Production Director with the Rites of Passage, a faith-based, boys mentoring program.

Jack Lightsy has professional experience and credits in practically every facet of the entertainment business:

  • Screen Actors Guild On-camera film and television credits, with humble beginnings on Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte’s 1982 blockbuster film, “48 Hours”.
  • Stage Production credits including Alicia Keys Hollywood Bowl Live, the Whitney Young Gala with Herbie Hancock, and We Are The World –Haiti Live Recording.
  • Over 20 Music songwriting credits including an Urban League organization theme song entitled, “We Can Do This”
  • Playwright/Screenplay/Director credits including the comedy-drama, “”I’m Only Human!”, the youth focused “Cool Is U!”, the faith-based “God…I Thought You Knew Me!”, the musical, “”Soul’d Out!”, and the critically acclaimed “Who’s Playin’ Who?”