About JLP

Homepage1Birth many years ago from the creative passion of founder Jack Lightsy, JLP has grown into a full-service performing arts production house located in the heart of Los Angeles.

This company is a gem for upcoming and seasoned artist—producing original bodies of work in the genre of television,  stageplays, feature film screenplays, and original music.

Our values are the basis of everything we do at JLP.

  •  We value and provide exceptional service to our audience.
  •  We believe theater should be entertaining, and thought provoking.
  •  We support the creative genus of everyone involved in our projects.
  •  We make it a priority to use the talents of upcoming artist and minorities.

When it comes to our commitment and dedication to our craft it’s simple.  We have one mission and goal: to create compelling and humorous stories and songs, based on everyday situations. It’s life lessons entertainment!